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What is a business chamber?

A business chamber is an organization of economically active businesspeople and businesses with the aim of forming a joint bargaining power, serving group interests and joining forces to create wealth and a business-friendly environment. A business chamber must therefore be active and dynamic, serving members, the community and the country.

Newcastle Business Chamber was established in 1967 and have since then strived to adhere to this definition. We actively seek to serve our members meaningfully by providing a platform to promote member businesses and be a voice that will keep their best interest at heart.

With our roots as an Afrikaans chamber we were affiliated with the Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut (AHI) from 1968 to 2019. During that time the Newcastle Sakekamer won the prestigious “Direkteurskild” 17 times, the Presidents Cup twice, Sakekamer of the year 5 times. The AHI was later known as the Small Business Institute (SBI) and in 2019 we felt that our goals were not aligned any more and the Newcastle Chamber discontinued our affiliation.

The Newcastle Chamber is strategically steered by a management team, chosen from its members each year. This is a voluntary position and the management team endeavour to reach out to every industries and government departments to provide our members with information and opportunities. The team also address issues affecting businesses on a local and national level where possible.

Our communication platforms provide our members with opportunity to engage on a business to business level but also provides access directly to the end consumer. We host a wide range of networking activities and professional speakers which address issues affecting every business, be it directly or indirectly. We help create healthy debate on current affairs and companionship of like-minded businesspeople. Our communication to members is via a monthly newsletter containing prudent information, a broadcast WhatsApp group for reminders and our electronic media platforms are utilized to promote our members businesses.

The business chamber is also involved in many projects where we join hands with stakeholders like the Newcastle Business Forum (NBF), other chambers and NGO’s where we can make constructive contributions to influence stakeholders, governments and officials to act responsibly and in the best interests of the office they hold.

One of our largest projects and a social highlight of the Newcastle year program, has been the Winter Festival or as previously knows the Newcastle Skou, established in 1992. This project has always had a very close relationship with the Newcastle Municipality and is the reason for the establishment of the Newcastle Show Grounds as it stands today. This show has changed its offering over the years to adapt to a changing market and we believe that it will stay a major event and benefactor to our community.

As a member, it is important that you become actively involved to benefit from the various marketing and networking opportunities, but also to participate on platforms where your strengths and experience can help grow our local and national economy.

The website will provide you with access to our members, updated calendar of events as we are aware of them and our newsletters that provide important information.

Please feel free to send us any event, activity or information that we can share with our members.

Our executive team

Louwtjie Conradie

Morné Seaman

Davida van der Merwe

Cheanelle de Valence

Jakkie de Bruin

Non-Executive Team 

André Kotze

Ronel Putter

Angelique van Vuuren

Chad Moses

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